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´╗┐The purpose of this study is to chart academic output on vague and diffuse symptoms in biomedicine. As methodological tool, we conducted a bibliographic study through the Internet ranging from 1990 to 2005. Forty papers were selected and five major theme areas were established for the survey: the nomenclatures assigned to vague and diffuse symptoms; their definitions; the relevance of the theme being addressed; the criteria used to diagnose vague and diffuse symptoms; and the therapeutic actions adopted. The discussion of the findings identifies many biomedical difficulties in dealing with sufferers from undefined complaints, including: diversity and lack of conceptual precision in the use of the nomenclature; physicians who are poorly prepared to deal with these patients; demand considered as a psychic disorder; difficulties in establishing diagnostic criteria and poor use of treatment resources. This leads to the conclusion that the biomedical model behind these difficulties has few tools for dealing with the singularities of human suffering and its experiential phenomenological dimension.  

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